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An Artful Gift: The Ideal Bookshelf

Megan Peter

Artist Jane Mount creates the most clever paintings of book spines creating an "Ideal Bookshelf".  I love this concept because like visual art, books can inspire us and play a part in defining our personal tastes. These lovely collections are the perfect gift, as the artist has painted bookshelves from various fields and genres - from books on cooking and fashion, to children's books and novels.  The collector is able to choose from several prints or have a custom painting of his or her "Ideal Bookshelf". 

Here are a few collections and you can view the Ideal Bookshelf here.

Jane Mount,  Ideal Bookshelf 488: Kids

Jane Mount, Ideal Bookshelf 488: Kids

  Jane Mount, Ideal Bookshelf 340: Fashion

 Jane Mount, Ideal Bookshelf 340: Fashion

Jane Mount,  Ideal Bookshelf 376: Cooking

Jane Mount, Ideal Bookshelf 376: Cooking