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Megan Peter Fine Art: Guest Curator for UGallery

Megan Peter

The internet has dramatically changed the way that art is viewed and sold, and allows people access to great pieces from the comfort of their own homes. UGallery is an amazing online venue for purchasing works of art - they have an amazing selection of art and you can trial the works in your home, risk free. It is a great site, so be prepared to get lost in some art-perusing bliss for a while.

I am so honored to collaborate with UGallery as one of their top tastemakers in the Guest Curator series. You can view my curated collection of works here:

First, go to the Guest Curators tab and click on my photo:

That will bring you to my collection. I hope you enjoy looking around.

Here are a few highlights:

Justin Disney,    Ordered ,   2008

Justin Disney, Ordered, 2008

Barbara Dudding,    River Run 3 ,   2011

Barbara Dudding, River Run 3, 2011

Katherine Gendreau,    Montauk Moods ,   2014

Katherine Gendreau, Montauk Moods, 2014

Valerie Chiang,    To Sail the Seas ,   2011

Valerie Chiang, To Sail the Seas, 2011

Bryan Solarski,    Vatican Museum (Vatican City) ,   2008

Bryan Solarski, Vatican Museum (Vatican City), 2008

Gregg Otteson,    Curves Two ,   2010

Gregg Otteson, Curves Two, 2010