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Finding the Right Fit: Art in Your Home

Megan Peter

Finding the right work of art for your homes is such an exciting and gratifying process, but wondering if the work will fit properly, or finding the right vibe for the space may feel overwhelming to you. Sometimes you have an idea of what you like, or are drawn to, but may need some suggestions on what art works best with your overall style.

I work with clients all the time, and often have the benefit of physically bringing art into my clients' homes (after we've gone through a discovery process and identified the collecting goals my client is looking to achieve). Other times, however, I will engage in an online consulting relationship. Online consulting is ideal for the client who lives too far for local consulting, or would like art suggestions without requiring our full-service consulting work.

Let's say you'd like to work with me virtually - I would provide you with a questionnaire to complete, to help identify your interests and tastes, and and you would send me digital photos of your space.

I will then create a detailed, digital “Art Folio” of art suggestions for you with a description of how the works would fit in the space. The Art Folio will provide links to the art, so that you can purchase the works directly online.

Perhaps you love clean, modern lines in your decor and are looking for something that makes a statement, but has a minimal vibe, and a painting such as this one appeals to you:

John Diehl,  Untitled 17 , 2011

John Diehl, Untitled 17, 2011

You love the painting and checks all the boxes for what you are searching for in a work of art. But you wonder, how will it look in your home.  Working together, I am able to present how the art would look in your home - eliminating some of the guess-work as to how the space would feel with a painting or photograph installed. 

Restoration Hardware Belgian Shelter Arm Sofa, Painting by John Diehl, UGallery

Restoration Hardware Belgian Shelter Arm Sofa, Painting by John Diehl, UGallery

If you are looking for some works online, I recently curated a collection here. The works are primarily bright and bold and would certainly make a statement in your home. -Megan