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Color Trend: Pantone Color of the Year 2015 Marsala

Megan Peter

Pantone introduced Marsala, a warm, earthy red as the color trend of the year. This color provides a hearty and rich hue that works beautifully as both a focal point or accent in a space. Marsala pairs beautifully with neutrals and creams as well as muted blues. Here are a few art picks that incorporate Marsala in the color palette.

Courtney Jacobs,  Traktamaps,  2012

Courtney Jacobs, Traktamaps, 2012

Chelsea FIsher,  A Home For A Bird ,  2008

Chelsea FIsher, A Home For A Bird , 2008

Ben Boothby, Kitchen #7,   Silkscreen, Acrylic & Oil on Panel

Ben Boothby, Kitchen #7, Silkscreen, Acrylic & Oil on Panel

Noelle Visconti,  Spanish Dancer,  2011

Noelle Visconti, Spanish Dancer, 2011

Lisa Carney,  Fandango,  2013

Lisa Carney, Fandango, 2013

Pandalana Williams,  Roses and Pears,  2014

Pandalana Williams, Roses and Pears, 2014

Julia Goodman, Quinn's House   2012,   Oil on canvas

Julia Goodman, Quinn's House 2012, Oil on canvas